How Bette Midler’s Pet Peeve Made New York City A Better Place To Live

I guess we could look at this as an unlikely instance of job creation. But I think we should really look at this as a whimsical, ballet-like piece of public performance art meant to reflect the absurdities of contemporary life and the wastefulness of consumer Read More …

A Catalog That Believes Reality Can Sell Clothes Better Than Photoshop

These are images from the catalog for Debenhams, a British department store. Don’t you wish every store expanded their ideas of beauty like they have? Share this (if you think more advertising should look like this) by clicking the Facebook and Twitter buttons below.

"All My Passwords Are My Cat's Name And My Birthday!"

My favorite quote from this parody of Google’s privacy policy: “For the Native Americans, there was no private property, yet we modern stuffy Americans treat our ideas, thoughts and personal marketing information like it’s ‘ours.’”

It May Look Like Advertising, But Look Closer And You'll See What It Really Is

For the past two years, artists across the United Kingdom have been doing something bold … and illegal. They perform these “takeovers” where they remove existing advertisements from bus stops and replace them with messages that are non-sponsored and speak directly to the people who Read More …

How One Guy Prefers To Fight Back Against Companies Dissing Your Girlfriend

As a child of a successful advertising copywriter and professor (the late, wonderful Jim Albright — he named Funyuns!), I don’t have a problem with all advertising. But my dad always spoke about the importance of keeping your integrity and being responsible when creating an ad. Read More …

This Actress Will Make You Laugh, But The Photoshop Job Hollywood Pulled On Her Will Make You Cry

Apparently, 20th Century Fox didn’t like the way the hilarious and insanely talented Melissa McCarthy looked in real life, so the marketing department took it upon themselves to Photoshop away about 30 pounds of her for the official movie poster. Unneeded, unwanted, and totally disgusting.

Look At These Beautiful Women, Then See How Much Photoshop This Fashion Magazine Chose To Use

Fashion magazines have become devices to make women feel terrible while also desiring to look like computer simulations. Who needs to look like an extra from “The Sims” when you have the beauty that reality gives us? Verily Magazine never uses Photoshop, and the results Read More …