Looks Like I've Found My New Favorite Fake Commercial

There might not be much truth in advertising, but at least the fake ads are still pretty great. 

How Bette Midler’s Pet Peeve Made New York City A Better Place To Live

I guess we could look at this as an unlikely instance of job creation. But I think we should really look at this as a whimsical, ballet-like piece of public performance art meant to reflect the absurdities of contemporary life and the wastefulness of consumer Read More …

A Funny Look At How One Huge Corporation's Been Fooling Us All Along

You know those advertisements for oil companies that are all about green energy ideas? The ones that play uplifting music set to scenes of nature that make us forget all about our dependence on oil? Yeah, those ones. Next time you see one, remember this Read More …

The S Word That We Really Need Our Kids To Know And Live By

The world’s not getting any younger. Or healthier. And until the Mars housing market opens up, we’re stuck with Earth as our home. So why not take better care of it?