This Is How Marketing Works, And It's Devastating

I really wonder about how much money actually goes into the package design and all of that when they wrap products like these in colors and designs that appeal to both children and adults. It’s genius. Dark, horrible genius.

Over 100 Years Ago, 123 Young Women Working In A Factory Never Came Home. It Changed Our Country.

I have a hard time watching this and not getting terribly angry. Those 123 young women and 23 men who died in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire on March 25, 1911, deserve to be remembered. But we’re watching it happen all over again in developing Read More …

I Guess These Models Don't Sell Products Quite As Well

Check out this satirical advertising campaign. The items are not for sale; the purpose of the image is to show the difference between how first-world consumers look at products and what they might mean to other parts of the world.

Every Time I Compare The U.S. Minimum Wage To Other Countries, People Get Angry. So Here I Go Again.

This chart shows us what the minimum wage is in a given country as a percentage of the median wage, which is the exact middle of wages in those countries. In other words, if you find the point at which half of the population makes Read More …

CNN Asks An Expert A Dumb Question. His Answer Kills It.

Whether or not you already know who Reza Aslan is, know this: This man is a voice of reason. From the moment he starts talking at 1:21, I’m absolutely smitten with his words. Skip to 4:49 to watch him answer the question we’re all waiting Read More …

The S Word That We Really Need Our Kids To Know And Live By

The world’s not getting any younger. Or healthier. And until the Mars housing market opens up, we’re stuck with Earth as our home. So why not take better care of it?