Haunted Poster Prank Spooks Curious People Passing By On The Street (Video)

Next year, Swedish theme park Gröna Lund will debut what it calls its “scariest attraction ever,” a haunted house dubbed the “House Of Nightmares.”

Though it’s not set to open until April, the theme park wanted to start advertising the new attraction — there’s nothing like good old-fashioned hype to build public interest.

Instead of going the traditional route with a commercial or boring newspaper advertisement, though, the company decided to get creative.

Gröna Lund set up a poster on the streets of Stockholm that featured a QR code, which said it would give people a sneak peek of the new attraction.

Instead, when unsuspecting passersby scanned the code, they got a major, terrifying surprise — and luckily, a nearby camera caught it all on film.

We’re not going to spoil what happens, so you’ll just have to watch for yourself.

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