These 21 Pictures Prove The Entire World Is A Lie. Are You Kidding Me, #2?!

Trusting people is hard. Being able to selflessly let go of control isn’t easy. In fact, it’s one of the most difficult things you’ll face in life. It’s an obstacle that ruins relationships, friendships, jobs and dreams. Learning to truly believe others is hard. Don’t feel bad if you have trust issues. You’ll encounter things every day that’ll convince you to be alone on your own island, away from others and their lying lies. Things like this.

1.) Let’s hope she didn’t go rock climbing.

2.) Your definition of bigger is suspect.

3.) You told me to “push here.”

4.) And he’ll never eat eggs again.

5.) Why would you lie to me, cracker?

6.) Surprise Broccoli is the worst kind.

7.) Never again will that cat chase a laser pointer.

8.) That pen is a liar.

9.) Are you? Are you really?

10.) This hurt me. It hurt me bad.

11.) This false advertising puts me in a hangry rage.

Prepare to learn everything you need to know about trust in the next one!  Just click next page.

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