Doing His Part: Meet The Man Who Shakes His Head Whenever He Hears About Terrorist Attacks

If you love stories about inspiring Americans, then wait till you hear about this guy.

His name is Evan Lowell, and hes a 43-year-old marketing consultant from Pasadena, CA. You wouldnt know it from looking at him, but Evan is a hero. And hes doing his part to help the world in a really special way: Whenever Evan hears about a terrorist attack happening somewhere, he shakes his head.


Any time Evan hears about a bombing in Kabul or a shooting in Jerusalem, he immediately stops whatever hes doing and solemnly shakes his head from side to side while letting out a brief, mournful sigh. Depending on the severity of the attack, he sometimes even says Goddammit or Not again. A humble hero determined to make a difference in whatever way he can!

Evan might not be the kind of hero who gets lots of awards and attention, but his selfless dedication to shaking his head sadly and looking somber for a few seconds whenever anyone talks about people dying in a terrorist attack is certainly something we can all respect. What an incredible man.

Thanks for doing your part, Evan! You set a great example for all Americans.

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