Gamer Girl “Accidentally” Livestreaming Herself Masturbating Is A Unique Form Of Porn

I don’t want to get crass but, you know when you’re videoing a live stream of yourself playing some kind of video game and, when you sign out, you start wanking and then you realise you’re still going out live to the world? It’s annoying isn’t it?

Usually it’s the other way round for me. I’m like one of those cam girls that you see loads of adverts for on the side bars of… websites… but, every now and then, I get caught out playing a bit of FIFA when I’m supposed to be masturbating and it ends up on YouTube. Embarrassing, to be honest.

NovaPatra is a girl who, by the people of the internet, has been labelled a “Hot gamer chick” who broadcasts live streams of herself playing various video games. In one of her later streams, though, she did a little more than that when she left her camera on and started… enjoying herself…

I mean it’s obviously a set up… that is basically her job, after all. I’m not sure anyone actually goes crossed-eyed when they reach climax in real life. Theway she said she was leaving and that she was going to go to bed whilst umming and ahhing, she might as well have said “I’m going to stay right in this chair, put a few fingers inside of myself and keep the camera on. Ooohh don’t watch *wink wink*

This video has gone viral because some people seem to think it’s actually genuine. After a little more digging, I’ve found out that she’s a pornstar. Just look at this video she posted to twitter…

Her “special hero power” is owning a huge vibrator? I could do that, I just don’t want to.

And then there’s this…

Is that supposed to be relatable? It’s not.

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