A Pack Of Haribo Tangfastics Just Brought Central London To A Standstill

Roads around Moorgate tube station were closed off at around 1:45 today as a suspicious package was brought to the attention on bomb disposal authorities.

With tensions high regarding that kind of thing, it’s pretty easy to be a little heavy-handed when it comes to getting rid of “bombs”.

So with that in mind, a robot was called in to take care of the package with a controlled explosion but, embarrassingly, it just turned out to be a load of food. And after all the government said about food waste…

Thing is though, it looks like this controlled explosion could have maybe been a little too controlled since a packet of Haribo made it out intact. As we’re lead to believe, sources claim the packet was yellow-y-orange so it was more than likely some Tangfastics.

Sure, if the adverts are to be taken for gospel, they’re sour enough to make a girl kiss youand grimace a little. But are they a threat to London?

Still… better safe than sorry. At least we know that our forces are taking bomb threats seriously.

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