Fans Are Pissed Off Because This Scene Was Cut From ‘Suicide Squad’

*SPOILERY SPOILERS THAT WILL SPOIL SUICIDE SQUAD FOR YOU (although I’d argue the writing of the film did that first)!!!!*

Think what you like about Suicide Squad but, if you’re thinking anything other than ‘dissapointing and largely forgettable’, you’re in the minority.

Don’t get me wrong, therewere good bits and sometimes there genuinely were the foundations of an enjoyable film but, in the end, we were served a rushed plot with underdeveloped characters and a measly sprinkling of Jared Leto’s Joker who, while not being quite crazy enough, was probably still one of the best bits.

So you would have thought, what with him being massively hyped 24/7 on the lead up to its release, Suicide Squad would have milked the Joker for everything he’d got. Apparently not. He was only in it for like a total of 10 minutes and even some of the cooler bits from the adverts with him in weren’t included…

There is one bit in particular, though, that DC comic fans are very bitter about Warner Bros including.

You know in the trailer when ol’ Leto’s got half his faced burnt and he’s shooting at people? Yeah, that bit.That’s because that ‘look’ made a direct link the the Joker from Batman: Endgame who is a favourite among many avid fans…

An unconfirmed list of all of the deleted scenes was released by a reddit user and, according to them, burnt-face Joker appeared after his helicopter was shot down and he appears in the fight in the subway station. Here’s what else it says:

Maybe next time then?

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