Guy Gets Caught Masturbating Over PS4. Gets Kicked Out Of Shop

Curves in all the right places. Smooth to the touch. 8 Megabytes of GDDR5 internal memory. Is it hot in here?!

The PS4 certainly is a good-looking bit of kit. I think we can all agree on that. But is it sexy?Probably not. We’re not having a go at Sony or anything it’s just that the PS4, however good it is, doesn’t turn us on. Sorry.

That should be it. We should be able to round this up with “Playstations, four or otherwise, are not sexually attractive” but that’s not the world we live in.

In what appears to be a DNS shop in Russia, a man got so turned on by a Playstation 4 that he promptly decided to drop his trousers and pants and go to work on himself… scenes.

*It’s pretty obvious but THIS VIDEO CONTAINS A MAN MASTURBATING OVER A PS4…you don’t see anything but still…*

Irredeemable weirdo or genius marketing from Sony?

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