Free Advertising Too

Artist Poses Next To Movie Ads To Raise Awareness Of Violent Imagery In Public Spaces

NYC-based artist Jon Burgerman shocks his blog readers by uploading horrid pictures of him shot and covered in blood in the background of advertising panels. The artist takes these pictures in subways, adds blood digitally and then shares them online. Named Head Shots, these drastic Read More …

Advertising space for rent

A lot of people were moaning about how advertising these days is terrible in response to that Lego ad from the 80s, so here's a great Lego ad campaign from 2014

This is how the bike-sharing system in Boston is advertising. I thought of you guys!

Remember yesterday's controversy over the Paddy Power marketing message carved into the Amazon Rainforest?

New Marketing strategy

Proper Advertising

Spotted this ironic Kate Upton marketing in London…