False Advertising At It’s Finest

The Lip Balm You’re Using Might Be Giving People Severe Rashes

An angry customerfiled a lawsuit against lip balm company Eos, or Evolution of Smooth, for false advertising and damages, after the celebrity-backed balm reportedly made thousands of peoplebreak out in painful rashes. The class-action suit was filed in California by plaintiff Rachael Cronin, who reportedly Read More …

We live in a world of lies and false advertising.

Just Look at What Contrast Does for Your Skin!

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Red Bull Got Into A Very Expensive Predicament For Claiming It Gives You Wings

Red Bull has agreed to pay over $13 million after being sued for falsely vowing to provide consumers with superpowers. The plaintiffs wrote in their lawsuit that the energy drink was misleading customers with the slogan “Red Bull gives you wings,”┬ábut not because they didn’t Read More …