So you’d like your beef to come from safer pastures? Check out this new tracking system.

South Korea is doing this traceability thing with their farm-to-table movement. Note: I’m going to set aside the debate about whether people should eat meat (it’s a whole ‘nother article, let’s be real) and talk about best practices in bringing safe cuts of meat to Read More …

The Brutally Honest Coca-Cola Commercial You'll Never See On The Air

Truth in advertising may be off the table, but at least truth in fake advertising is alive and well.

Watch The Video That Coca-Cola And McDonald's Hope You Never See

Anna Lappé is an author and activist. Her TEDx talk will open your eyes about what the food industry gets away with. Some highlights: 1:14 How her daughter’s obsession with one particular person made her realize what was happening. 2:20 Can you guess how much Read More …

You Might Want To Put The Brakes On Your Next Trip To The Fast Food Drive-Through. Here's Why.

I know we’re kind of not the norm, but our family doesn’t eat fast food. My kids don’t feel like they’re missing out on anything … because they’re not. Well, maybe they’re missing out on excessive sodium and saturated fat. They still get plenty of Read More …

You Call It Food. I Call It Poison.

What happens when food companies manipulate what we eat and how we eat through scientifically processed malnutrition and clever, yet misleading, marketing? Not nearly enough — which is why these guys decided to fight back.

What Did People Do When They Saw A Vending Machine Selling Dirty Water? They Put Money In It.

Hundreds of millions of people still use unsafe drinking water. So why not put it in a vending machine?

EXPOSED 101: How Fast Food Chains Use Raw Meat, Paint, And Glue To Trick Your Eyeballs

This is why we need truth in advertising, and better regulation of the tricks these obesity peddlers can use in their commercials. You know those fast food commercials you see every day on TV? The ones with the impossibly good-looking food? They set you up Read More …